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Basics of Slot Practical Skills to Help You Improve Your Slot Win Rate


Since the first slot came out in 1896, after more than two centuries of evolution, it has broken the barriers that can only be played in physical casinos, and has evolved into a mobile phone that can play on the spot anytime, anywhere. Online slots, the screen presentation and sound and light effects are also different from the traditional ones. Even the gameplay is innovative. Slot is no longer a single casino game, but has been cleverly integrated into online games and mobile games, making the game content richer! These changes not only make people admire the speed of technological progress, but also make people admire the creative ingenuity of designers!

Only one thing is constant, though, and that is how players profit from slot games.

Slot Basic Concept

I believe that many players have a common question, “how to win money in slot?”, “what system can calculate the lottery of slot games”, etc., but what I want to tell you is that to play slot, you must first have a basic concept, There is no way to change the winning result of the slot calculation, because the slot is generated by the set probability, but there are other tricks that players can use on the slot table.

Common Terms for Online Slot

Free Game: The most fascinating part of the slot game, as long as the conditions are met, you can enjoy the number of games with free spins, which is the player’s favorite. 

Jackpot: A prize pool formed by accumulating part of the amount bet by players, also known as “jackpot”and “Grand Prize”.

Return to Player (RTP): That is “Return to player” in English, which means the amount of money returned to the player by the slot. Usually, the percentage is used to display the average betting ratio of a slot game returned to the player. The closer the number is to 100%, the better the player. between 93-98% 

Pay Table: That is, the winning payout table, the slot will list the value corresponding to each icon for players to refer to.

Win Lines: It is the so-called winning line. When the icon of the slot is connected, the corresponding bonus can be obtained. Players can choose to bet on one or more winning lines that are straight, horizontal or diagonal. high, the relative bet amount will also increase. Most slots have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of more than 1000.

Slot game: paylines

Slot Practical Skills 1

Choose the slot that suits you.

Most of the slot game designs have clear goals that will not change. For example, the 3-reel slot is mainly for accumulating money, but the probability of winning is not high. Although this type of slot has a huge amount, the amount that goes out quickly disappears, which means that it comes and goes quickly. The other slot is easy to give out free spins, and there is no extra wager required, and even win big for getting free spins.

Slot Practical Skills 2

The higher the betting volume, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot.

In many slots, the bet amount is calculated in US dollars, so the winning amount will indeed be much higher, but not everyone is suitable for this type of slot, because in addition to seeing the bonus, you also need to see how much you have. capital.

Slot Practical Skills 3

You think you won’t win the jackpot when you start playing the slot.

Most players always feel that the chance of winning the big prize is very low at the beginning of playing slot machines, so they start with a small amount of money, and then bet a lot at the end, but in fact, this concept is wrong. As mentioned earlier, there are settings for slot machines. The probability of , that is to say, you may have a chance to win the jackpot at the beginning of your game, which is basically a matter of probability and luck.

Therefore, it is very likely that the amount of betting at the beginning is small, resulting in not reaching the lottery threshold and missing the opportunity to win the grand prize.

Slot Practical Skills 4

Slot Machine Tables to Find Jackpot Combinations.

Many players find a suitable slot from the perfect combination of prizes. Although choosing such a machine can increase the probability and amount of winning, and can also experience the joy of winning the slot game, there is no way to obtain stable profits in this way.

Slot Practical Skills 5

You need to think carefully about how much capital you have in your hand to bet.

Unlike baccarat, sic bo and other types of games, slot is a video game that reflects technology, so there will be many players who will be in a “losing period” for a period of time, but sometimes they will still get The grand prize is enough to get back the amount you lost, so I would like to remind you that when betting, you must first pay attention to how much capital you have to play, how much you should lose, and you should leave the machine if you win back the principal.


The above is “The Basics of Slot Practical Skills”, slot games are really a game that people will be addicted to, because as long as they hit the jackpot, the feeling is so good to have it again. Although it is said that the slot is all based on luck, there are still some skills that can improve the probability of winning the prize. However, some techniques require in-depth study to understand.

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