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Four Tips for Making Money With Baccarat that Will Help You Make Money in The Long Run


In recent years, online casinos have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain, and there have been at least 10 more in the past two years alone.

System providers have developed online casino platforms, and their operators have at least more than 70, all online casinos will offer live-action video-type table games with millions, millions, and millions. Below are some of my winning skills that I’ve practiced over the years for everyone to learn from.

Live stream table games are basically the most popular casino games, especially in Asia. There is no other reason, according to statistics, it is mainly because the Chinese prefer to use skills and analysis to play games. Many experts of baccarat appeared, and we also successfully obtained the consent of the relevant people and recompiled their experience for your reference. I hope everyone can play more smoothly in the online casino.

When it comes to the part about baccarat skills, I think the three most important skills are:

(1) Look at the road: in line with the relevant “logical card road”: it is to observe the law of the cards that have been shown, for example: if you saw there are 3 banker in a row then the next hand choose banker, if you saw 3 player in a row then the next hand choose player. If it’s banker, player, banker, player, the next hand should be more likely to be player.

(2) Simple and easy operation method: do complex things simply, repeatedly do simple things, and do repeated things with heart. It will increase the chance to profit.

(3) Reduce the “household advantage” as much as possible (meaning that long-term betting will not be taken too much advantage).
Of course, everyone who plays games in online casinos usually has their own set of betting methods. Of course, the difference is in which one has better odds to win. Here I will share some of my favorite skills in the casino where I have bet more than 10,000 rounds of baccarat.

Tip 1: Single Banker or Single Player Continuous Betting

What few people know is that Zhuang Xian has a certain stage on his own path where he will start to have a winning streak to create an advantage. although

The odds you can foresee happen about 8 out of 10 roads. So the probability of choosing a unilateral win is indeed possible.

Precautions: When you start a new way, remember the point of “stand firm” and never let more than 3 losses in a row. (single side bet), assuming you have lost three times in a row, stop betting first.

Wait until your opponent’s winning streak is interrupted before you start betting. If you are a friend who prefers to choose to bet on the “banker”, then you should pay attention to one. In fact, most of the casinos have a 5% rule in the baccarat project (I believe everyone knows).

While this may not affect your profit goals, if you run into a “player” streak or a very strong hand, then your burden may increase a lot. I can understand some people’s insistence on the bookmaker, because after statistical calculation, a long time and countless bets, the winning rate of “Zhuang” is close to 51%, while the winning rate of betting “Free” is about 49%. The reason why casinos or casinos only take a 5% rake. Here’s the problem: the average online casino player, at most, plays a full 2-3 games in a day. It means the odds are not obvious to you, and even if you play 100,000 hands, the odds of winning are only marginal.

Tip 2: Betting Method

“Cable” is to use one or even multiple sets of fixed data as the basis for players to adjust their bets in the change of the banker’s winning or losing.

There are various cable methods, such as stair cables, flat betting cables, straight cables, gradually withdrawing cables, etc.

The formula, interested players can go deeper to understand, here is the stair cable as an example to explain:

Baccarat chip distribution method:

The betting amount of stair cable shows a “stepped” upward trend. The first time you bet 1, the second time you add 2 to become 3, and the third time you add

The 3 becomes 6, the fourth time adds 4 to become 10, and the fifth time adds 5 to make 15. It is recommended to operate the stair cable only to the 5th time (15) , it is not recommended to try if the bet amount exceeds the fifth progression.

Tip 3: Double Betting Method (Martingale strategy)

Considering that nearly 90% of all baccarat road trends consist of short zigzags and long stripes, I can tell you that it is true.

Most of the cards are composed of banker/player single jumps and double player/player aka double jumps.

Example operation:

When you lose on the first hop bet, according to the example I gave above, the 4th dealer from the left, it appears twice the banker, I bet the player 2x next. Again, in the second player streak, I also played a double banker times, and then doubled the banker during the idle streak.

Repeat this step, and you will soon reach our profit target. If you still feel that this speed is too slow, then maybe you are better than the part that is more suitable for online slot machines. With this betting method, your overall stop loss should be set when you lose 9 times your chips, and when you find a long banker or a long idler, if there is a in the long-term village and long-term leisure time, the profit target or stop-loss target has not been reached. You have the following methods: Waiting to go back to single hop. When there is a very strong long-term bank or long-term play in the first half of Jia Le Pai Road, it is likely that there will be a single jump or double jump.

Tip 4: The Beacon Method

The bright lantern method is to choose the opposite of whoever has the fortune (black lantern), on the other hand, if it is a lucky star (bright lantern), follow his bet so you can win together.

Do you all know the above several ways to make money? Using road-seeing skills can effectively increase the winning rate, allowing players to entertain

You can play more handy in online casino!

Conclusion of the winning method of baccarat:

Don’t worry about when luck will come, Goddess of Luck’s favor, bet intuitively, master these points of baccarat play, and keep your eyes insight into everything at the table, I believe you can also win at the table scenery and become a master of baccarat!

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