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NBA Bet Online: Analysis of High Winning Percentage Betting Method

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In NBA bet online, there is a betting method called the winning point difference. It is set to an interval every 5 points, from the smallest 1-5 points to the largest 26+. The interval with the lowest odds is basically the handicap between the two teams. That number range, for example, the Nets let the Pistons 13.5 points, then the range with the lowest odds of winning points in this game is the range of 11-15 for the Nets to win.

Since the handicap and the winning point difference have related properties, we can study the winning point difference interval when we study the handicap.

At present, most of the NBA betting odds are within the handicap of 15 points, so we can divide the research on the handicap difference into 3 intervals, namely 1-5 points, 6-10 points, 11-15 points.

Let 1-5 points belong to the two teams with similar strength, let 6-10 points mean that the strength of the team is higher than that of the opponent, and let 11-15 points belong to the two teams with very different strengths. From the distribution of games over the years Observe that there are fewer games with 11-15 points, and more 1-5 points and 6-10 points.

Therefore, we are now looking at the interval between 1-5 points and 6-10 points.

Because each interval has 5 points, and the NBA betting odds can be accurate to 0.5, the two intervals we want to study can be divided more carefully, we now divide 1-5 points 1-2.5 A small range, 6-10 points, we choose the range of 8.5-10 points to look at.

Explain the reason for this distinction: the range of 1-2.5 points represents that the strength of the two teams is more similar than that of the 2.5-5 division, although the probability of winning between the two teams in this range is not much different, which leads to the fact that the actual combat research The difficulty is relatively not small, so it is more worthwhile to study.

The difference in strength between the two teams in the range of 8.5-10 is larger than that of 6-8.5, but it has not exceeded 10 points. From the perspective of players’ psychology, once the handicap exceeds 10 points, they will feel that the handicap is compared like this. If it is within 10 points, even if it is 9 points, it will always be within the acceptable range, so the range of 8.5-10 points can be discussed.

I have summed up four types of NBA bet online handicap between these two win-point difference areas for your reference.

basketball bet

The winning point difference is 1-2.5 points

In this interval, the two teams are close to each other, so it is necessary to look at the recent performance of the two teams.

(1) The recent record of team A is not as good as that of team B, but team A still gives team B 1 to 2.5 points in the initial lottery game. Based on the fundamental analysis, it is too unfavorable for the dealer to bet on team B, and team A should be able to win.

Case in point: 2018 Pistons vs. Thunder

Analysis: The Pistons won all five home games at the time, including defeating the Rockets and the Warriors. His fighting ability at home is very good. At that time, the Thunder were all at home in four games, with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, and now they are on the road again.

NBA bet online gave the Thunder away 1.5 points for the Pistons. Judging from the recent record, the Pistons belonged to the strong side and are at home. In this game, the Pistons should have given a handicap, but they gave a handicap at home. Instead, it was the Thunder. In the away game, they gave up 1.5 points, which means that the Pistons can win the lottery if they don’t lose more than two points. In the later stage, the Thunder also turned into a handicap of 2.5 points. Players who bet on the Pistons should feel more stable. This kind of lottery market tempts players to bet on the Pistons to cause the Pistons to become hot. In the end, the Thunder can win the bet, and the result is that the Thunder won 110:83.

(2) Team A’s recent record is better than Team B’s, but Team A’s initial lottery game left Team B with only 1-2.5 points. Fundamental analysis shows that betting on Team A is too cheap for players, and Team A will lose in the end.

Case: 2019 Gray Wolves VS Gold Nuggets

Analysis: After losing all five away games at the time, the Timberwolves won the first three home games after returning to the home court. They only accidentally lost to the Grizzlies in the last home game. Overall, the home game performed well. The opponent Gold Nugget is a lot worse. It was 1 win and 3 losses at home before, and it is a two-game losing streak when it comes to the away game. This game is the third consecutive away game for the Gold Nugget team. In the early game of the match, the Timberwolves only had a handicap of 2.5 points. From the perspective of the fundamentals, the handicap of the Timberwolves at home is quite low. Looking at the miserable results of the Golden Nuggets losing six games in the past seven games, it is even more gray. The handicap of the wolf is simply a gift from the sky, and it is even more strange that the handicap actually dropped to 1.5 points in the later stage, and it becomes more natural to start with the gray wolf. , and the final result unexpectedly is that the gold nugget beat the gray wolf 103:101.

NBA Bet Online Handicap 8.5-10 Points

There is a gap in the strength of the two teams in this range, so the focus is on the recent winning percentage of the two teams.

(1): Team A’s recent winning rate is not as good as Team B’s, but the strength of Team A’s initial NBA bet online market still leaves Team B with 8.5-10 points. If players are under pressure to bet on Team A’s market, then Team A will win in the end. plate.

Case: Jazz VS Mavericks in 2019

Analysis: The Jazz suffered a four-game losing streak at that time, and even lost three consecutive games by more than 10 points, and lost the NBA handicap in four consecutive games. The win in the last game ended a six-game losing streak. Although the record is not good, it is better than the Jazz in terms of NBA bet online handicap. They have won four games in the past six games.

In terms of our strength, although the Jazz are stronger than the Mavericks, the handicap of 9.5 points in the NBA bet online and online casino handicap seems to be a bit high. Even if the player believes that the Jazz can win, they must win by at least 10 points. I still find it difficult. After all, the Jazz have already lost four handicaps in a row. How can people believe it? From this point on, it seems safer for players to start with the Mavericks to win. Judging from the trend in the later stage of the market, the Jazz did not make any changes to the 9.5-point market. It seems that they are not afraid of players betting on the Lone Ranger. In the end, the Jazz won the game 117-102.

(2): Team A’s recent winning rate is better than Team B’s. Team A’s initial set gives Team B 8.5-10 points. If players feel that it is easy to bet on Team A’s NBA bet online handicap, Team A will lose.

Case: Celtic VS Pistons

Analysis: Celtic has won 4 of the last 6 games, and both last two games in NBA bet online, and the last game was against the Pistons, winning by as much as 20 points on the road; After winning a four-game winning streak, Celtic suffered a big defeat and only won one NBA lottery handicap in the last five games, so from the recent NBA betting odds, Celtic is significantly better than the Pistons.

This game is a back-to-back consecutive match between the two teams. In the context of Celtic’s 20-point away win, this game’s home score of 8.5 seems a bit too little. Besides, let’s look at the history of the confrontation between the two teams. Celtic has already 4 consecutive wins against the Pistons by more than 10 points, so will players still bet on the Pistons to win the lottery? In the end, Celtic really didn’t beat the odds, winning only three points 108:105.



The above are the two betting methods I have summarized over the years for the NBA handicap between small areas.

In recent years, I have relied on this trick to make profits in the NBA bet online of online casino. I hope you can also succeed in our way.


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