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Pangingisda game master level strategy Want to win big money is not a problem

Pangingisda game

Fishing shooting games originated in Japanese video games, and then gradually became popular all over the world, so if you say that the easiest game to play in online casino, then you don’t have to think about it, it must be “Pangingisda game”, just started The Pangingisda casino game is very similar to the fishing game usually seen in the casino.

Whoever catches more will win. It was later improved to use “cannonball” to attack. Moreover, each fish and cannonball in the Pangingisda game corresponds to different rewards, making it more exciting and interesting for players to play. Although the Pangingisda game is very simple, there are still skills. Next, we will introduce the “Pangingisda game expert guide”, let’s read it together!

Pangingisda Game Tips and Tricks

1.Lock Fast Fish

In the Pangingisda game, if you see some fish that swim a lot, you need to lock on those fish and start shooting them frantically. Why choose the fish that swim fast? Since the system will make these fish swim fast, of course there must be a problem, because it is easy to catch, so the fast swimming makes the player not notice.

2.Take Good Care of The Fish Infestation

In the game, there are actually fish that give points. Basically, they appear very close to the fort, and the fish that give points will swim very slowly, so as long as you find a slow fish near your fort, you can play it. If you hit 3 If you don’t catch -5 rounds, you will give up, because the reward fish is almost a hundred hits, and if you can’t kill it, it means that it is not a reward fish.

3.Watch for The School of Fish

Although it is very easy to catch fish when the shell is fired in the school, it is necessary to observe what kind of fish it is. If you encounter a messy school of fish and they swim very fast, you must grasp it well; but if you encounter a school that is very neat It’s swimming very slowly again, so don’t waste the shells, and wait for the fish to continue catching other fish. Why do you say that? Think about it, everyone, how can the system arrange for the easy-to-catch fish to swim neatly and slowly, of course, it is impossible, unless you happen to be in the stage of vomiting, then you can fish as much as you like.

3.Trial Period

In fact, if you want to test the cycle, you just need to switch the minimum shell at the beginning. After all, in the cycle, only the spit stage is the happiest. Except for the spit stage, the smallest shell is used first, and try it out. If it is not the spit stage, The smallest shell can only catch some fish, but suddenly I feel that when the smallest shell seems to fill a lot of fish, you can switch to a larger shell, because the spit staging has almost started, and after a while, I can’t catch any fish. I’m switching small shells to play slowly, don’t be greedy, otherwise all the points you just hit easily will be lost.

4.Catch Someone Else’s Fish

It is very easy to steal the fish that others have caught. Everyone will definitely encounter the stage of eating, so the big fish in the eating position cannot be killed, but some players don’t understand, so they will try hard to keep playing, and keep scoring straight. The loss will be very fast. When the person who eats the installment reaches the highest level, you just need to adjust the shell to the middle and hit the fish that the person who just eats the installment. In this way, you can easily catch a big fish, which is So simple and easy. Although it is such a simple and easy technique, not everyone knows that it can be done like this. Many players are in a hurry and want to quickly win the big fish, so the mentality is really important when playing the fishing shooting game.


The above is “Pangingisda game master level skills guide”, to be honest, it is really very simple to win big money in Pangingisda game, it is not a problem to become a master, it just depends on whether you are willing to try it with skills, I believe you have used masters After mastering the skills, you must be a master sea king in the Pangingisda game, the whole ocean belongs to you!

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