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Sportsbet! Analysis of Soccer Ball Selection Strategy Pre-match Preliminary, In-field Betting, Walk Away!


Playing soccer ball sportsbet in the online casino has always been an item that players will choose to play. After all, this is not like the rhythm of basketball in-court betting (going ground) because it is too fast to think about betting; it is also different from baseball. That way, once you encounter a slam shot, your score will go up a lot, or the coach’s tactical focus on defense will not score. In soccer balls, the total number of goals scored by both sides is generally stable at about 0 to 6 goals. Therefore, when judging a large ball or a small ball, the relative hit rate is relatively high, and there is enough time for players to make betting actions. It’s just that most of the players often only analyze and predict through the two teams’ past games’ record of big and small balls, players’ offensive firepower, odds of handicap and so on. Changes, the induction of odds by the handicap company, it is easy to predict the results of the game incorrectly. Here, the author will add some personal sportsbet analysis skills and experience for players, at least to help players find stable orders or eliminate pit orders more accurately.

Preliminary selection of target events

1. The overall strength of the team is very large (super strong team vs super weak team), it is not necessarily a big goal, because the weak team is too weak, it is difficult to score goals, and the strong team is too strong, so it is easy to relax. , and it may not be a bombarding attack. On the contrary, it is often seen that weak teams are struggling to defend themselves, and most of them put all their strength on defense. Pursuing less losses is the result of winning. This will naturally enhance their defense strength, and instead allow strong teams to advance. Added a lot of difficulty to the ball.

2. Generally, the overall strength of the two teams is almost the same, so it is not necessarily a total over, because they are restraining each other, but they will play more cautiously.

3. Teams that are particularly good at playing defensive counter-attack tactics are not easy to get total over performances.

Selection Through The Combination of Odds and Total Overs.

1. First analyze the sportsbet European odds, and first select the team combination that is easy to decide the winner, such as

Combinations like 2.4/3.1/2.6 where home and away wins are lower than tie odds.

2. Exclude those games where the odds of a draw are relatively low, such as the Premier League. The main win of 1.6 is generally matched with a draw odds of around 3.4 or higher. If the odds are only 3.2 or below, it will be a draw. The probability is relatively high. Generally speaking, the probability of playing a total over in a draw will be relatively small. Of course, this judgment method is not necessarily accurate, and it is enough to have a rough bottom line.

Selection Through Team Strength and Combination of Total Over and Total Under.

1. First, look at the number of goals scored and conceded by the home team and the away team in the home and away games. The team with strong offense and defense is generally more balanced in offense and defense, while the team with strong offense and defense is prone to small goals. How to judge it? For example, if the home team has 15 games at home, if both the goals scored and lost are within 20 goals, it means that the attacking firepower is average + the defense strength is not bad, so the probability of scoring big goals will not be too high; The number of two is around 30, which is the common attack strength and defense weakness, and the probability of this kind of total over is relatively high. In addition, there are about 30 goals scored and about 15 goals conceded. In this case, both offense and defense are strong, and it is more difficult to grasp whether they can score big goals, and the judgment method of the visiting team in the away game is the same.

2. Look at the goals and losses of the team in the last 6 games and the last 3 games. The goal firepower of each team will also fluctuate. If there are 5 or more consecutive big goals, then you must be careful. ball. Let’s look at the team’s fighting spirit, because the fighting spirit can easily affect whether the team will adopt an attack-oriented or defensive-oriented strategy. If both teams have a strong need to win, it is easy to play a total over; if one side wants to attack, the other wants to. Keeping, it is relatively out of the ball.

3. The characteristics of each league are different. For example, the Bundesliga and Serie A are easy to play total overs, La Liga and Ligue 1 are easy to play total under, etc. There are also certain teams with strong offensive and defensive styles. These characteristics are the same. You can find out by yourself.

4. Some other off-field factors, such as weather, striker injury or alternate rest, whether more than a week of games affect physical fitness, etc., will also affect the results of sportsbet events.

In-Field Betting (Going Ground) and Matching Selection of Total Over and Total Under

1. Usually, in the top five European leagues and the Swedish Super League, most of the competitions are between teams that do not have too much difference in strength. Therefore, most of sportsbet’s full-time ball games are open at 2.5 goals, while the size of the first half is 2.5 goals. The ball is 1 ball. Sportsbet normally adjusts the odds and odds as the game progresses. If the first half of the game is 0-0, then in the midfield, the total over and total under are usually opened at 1/1.5 ball and the total under will pay. In a market with a slightly lower rate, if the midfield goal is 1.5 goals, it can be seen that the dealer is actually optimistic that there will be a high probability of scoring a goal in the second half. higher.

2. For betting (going ground) markets in sportsbet, the risk that the banker has to take is usually much larger than the market before the game starts, so the banker’s “inducing” and “rushing” trading methods are in the field betting (Going to the ground) rarely takes it out for use. In many matches, a goal is scored within 10 minutes after the start of the match, and at this time, the market will be matched with the time of the game, and a relatively deep over- and small-ball market will be opened. If there is a goal within 10 minutes after the game, and the total over and total under in the real-time betting (going ground) are only scored 3 goals, it means that the dealer is actually not optimistic about the total number of goals in this game. If there are more than 3 balls, then this is a good time to choose total under; if the handicap is open to 3.5 (2.5+1 before the game), it is not recommended to play total under at this time, but to play total overs or It is safer to wait until the price rises and falls.

3. There are many upsets in football games today. Some even seem to be strong and weak before the game, but in the end, the relatively weak team takes the lead, because it is necessary to consider that the relatively strong team basically wants to win The score is overtaken. At this time, the banker will usually open a total over and total under that is greater than the sum of the scores after the overtake, and at this time, it is necessary to make a judgment based on the instant win and the habits of the two teams (especially considering that the weaker team is On the other hand, there will be no chance of scoring), most weak teams often shrink their defenses after taking the lead, so it will be more difficult for strong teams to overtake or even tie. choose.

4. The sportsbet in-field betting (going ground) market will continue to change with the progress of the game. In the case that neither side has scored, normally the total over that lets the ball and the total over will rise and fall all the way. Therefore, if the adjustment of the ascending and descending price is too slow or unreasonable, it means that the dealer is still optimistic that the total over will come out, and there may be a goal soon.

Data Habit and Selection of Total Over and Under.

To see whether the position of the total over and total under markets is reasonable, you must first familiarize yourself with the scoring rules and habits of each league. This is homework that every sportsbet player needs to pay attention to. What are the total over leagues? Which are total under leagues? The reason for the classification is to more clearly judge the real intention and motivation of the handicap position. Usually, the position of 2.5 balls can be used to distinguish the watershed between the big-ball league and the small-ball league. The so-called big-ball league is a league with more goals and a more open style of play; while the small-ball league is a league with fewer goals. The play tactics are generally more conservative leagues. Of course, you must also understand that nothing is absolute. Here it refers to the common habits of a league. As for whether the handicap position is reasonable, it depends on your basic skills and familiarity with each team. Judging the number of goals scored is often an indicator of accurately judging sportsbet results.


Sportsbet in-field betting (going to the ground) is a test of people’s ability to respond and the ability to identify handicap. It is recommended to bet on other fields. Playing too much is not conducive to subsequent judgments, and in-field betting (going to the ground) can easily lead to a burst of mentality. Although the total over and total under are not difficult, the total over and total under are all in one after another. Sometimes each team produces more big ones, and sometimes more small ones. It is better to be optimistic about the data relationship between the market and the real-time situation.

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