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The Most Practical Basic Strategies and Gameplay for Blackjack Newbies are Revealed!

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. It’s easy to learn, fast-paced, and sees you play against a single opponent (the dealer) for 21 points or as close as possible. You do this by merging card values ​​earned in the game.

Playing online Blackjack is the perfect way to have fast-paced fun and give your brain a good workout. The best online Blackjack tests your ability to think and make quick decisions on the spot.

In this article, we will tell you how to play blackjack, when you are interested in playing online casino games, want to know simple rules, precise strategies, betting strategies and financial management, read our online blackjack guide, so that you can win more games, will help you succeed and enjoy the game!

Blackjack Game Rules and Terminology Introduction

In Blackjack, the player and the dealer compare the number of cards in their hands. In the case of no more than 21 points, whoever is closer to 21 points wins, where A can be counted as 1 point or 11 points, and K, Q, J and 10 each Cards are counted as 10 points, while 1-9 are counted as card points.

Before the game starts, the player makes a bet, and the dealer deals two open cards respectively, while he has one open card and one dark card. After the cards are dealt, the player can choose to continue to ask for cards or to suspend the cards according to the cards obtained. Double-raise or split, followed by the dealer, who must continue to ask until 17 or higher before reaching 17. The goal of each player is to get the closest hand to 21 to beat the dealer, but at the same time avoid busting.

The game has three outcomes, the banker or the player wins, or it may be a draw, and the stake is returned to the player. When two cards add up to 21 (an ace plus 10) is called a “blackjack”, and the player with this deck is automatically the winner (unless the dealer also holds 21). point; draw). Players with blackjack win 1.5 times the bet.

Originated in France, but soon had American influences, and these are reflected in gaming-related terms.

● Blackjack: An ace and a suit (K, Q or J) or 10.

● Explosion: If the sum exceeds 21 points, the player loses.

● Double Stop: The player doubles the bet, asks the dealer for a card, and then asks for no more cards.

● Bid: The player asks the dealer for another card.

● Down Card: The second card taken by the dealer, usually face down, until the player agrees to draw.

● Insurance: If the dealer’s open card is A, the player can buy insurance. If the dealer’s hidden card is indeed J of spades, he will win twice the insurance bet, and at the same time, he will win back the original bet.

● Tie: The player’s hand has the same value as the dealers.

● Soft hand: A hand counts as 11 points instead of 1 point.

● Split: If the first two cards are the same, the player can divide them into two separate decks, and then play both hands at the same time, and the dealer will also deal both cards.

● Suspension: The player no longer takes cards.

● Surrender: Some casinos allow players to surrender if they reach a certain number of points, and at the same time, the casino returns half of the stake.

● Upcoming cards: The cards face up when the dealer deals the cards.

Online Blackjack

Basic Strategies for Beginners to Blackjack!

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The best way to play Blackjack is to use statistical probability for analysis. The best possible move design in any given situation is calculated based on the player’s hand and the dealer’s starting card. The purpose of the basic strategy is obviously to win as much as possible in order to maximize the player’s winnings and to reduce the possibility of destruction. Of course, with any casino game, including at standard rule blackjack, there are always winners and losers, and the following basic strategies will significantly reduce the odds of winning or losing.

In Blackjack, the only thing the player must focus on is how to win against the dealer, and like other card games like poker, you can use a variety of advanced strategies, such as counting the cards if you’re good at math.

If the player is new to the game, it is best to understand some basic strategies first, and the most important of them is to consider the timing of the draw, stand, split and double bet.

The strategies involved in Blackjack are all basic common sense, as well as some knowledge of probability; if the player’s hand is between 5-16, he should continue to draw; if it is 17-21, he should stand. However, when you consider splits and double raises, the game becomes a little more complicated. If you have two cards that are the same, splits are a good choice, but also consider the dealer cards in hand.

Players who know the basics will assume that the dealer’s second card is a 10, although many times this is not the case. The dealer’s second card can be divided into two categories based on the dealer’s “table card” (a card whose value is known to the player): cards that may blow the dealer; cards that may give the dealer a win.

If the dealer shows a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, the dealer may bust. 5s and 6s are the most likely to cause the dealer to bust. Players don’t have to take a lot of risk to get close to blackjack as long as they don’t bust themselves.

If the dealer shows a 7 or higher, there is a high chance that the dealer will have a good hand, 18, 19, 20 or 21. If a player’s hand is less than 18, the dealer may be aggressive and risk busting by bidding for another card to get a good hand.

Four Rules Determine Blackjack’s Call to Stand

Therefore, there are four simple rules for deciding when to call and when to stand:

1. If the player’s hand is less than or equal to 11 points, the bid must be correct. Because another card is called, the player will not bust, it will only benefit.

2. If the player’s card is greater than or equal to 17 points, and the dealer’s card is less than or equal to seven points, it is correct to suspend the card. There is a greater risk of busting by continuing to bid.

3. The cards in the player’s hand are from 12 to 16 points, and the dealer’s card may be busted, so it is right for the player to suspend the card. If the dealer busts, the player still wins.

4. *Exception: If the dealer shows 2 or 3 and you have 12, please continue to bid.

If your hand is 12 to 16 and the dealer shows a board card of 7 or more, you can continue to bid. If the player does not continue to bid, the dealer’s hand will most likely be better than the player’s hand. While there is a possibility of busting, you have no choice in this situation. While the basic strategy of a game of Blackjack can become extremely complex, these four rules remain at the heart of most strategies in use today.

Finally, when players play blackjack games, they need to pay attention to the following points:

● Blackjack is not just an intuitive game, as the basic strategy already tells you, it’s not just luck. In fact, many skills are related to the game. Basic strategies should be learned and memorized to get the most out of the game.

● Watch out for blackjack changes with other cards or side bets. Beginners like to be seduced by these options, but a slight deviation from classic blackjack ensures that the dealer’s advantage grows to infinity. In principle, players should also not buy insurance from the dealer at blackjack, because the bet is not worth it.

● And the golden rule to follow when playing card games including blackjack, poker, and other baccarat, roulette, sic bo, craps, never play online games when you are in a bad state of mind, because players will misjudge and the result is lost. And if players stay awake, remember the rules of the game and basic strategies, they can increase the odds of winning.

Finally, have fun and big wins.

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